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Duke of Edinburgh – The Award is a leading structured (non-formal education) youth development program, empowering all young Australians between age 14 to 25 to explore their full potential regardless of their location or circumstance. The Award is a fully inclusive program and has no social, political, or religious affiliations. DSRQ is assisting PCYC (Lang Park) with the program.

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Duke of Edinburgh

Australian Deaf Games – The Australian Deaf Games is the pinnacle multi-sport event for Deaf people in Australia involving up to twenty (20) sports and attracting more than 1000 competitors and participants from all over Australia, some neighboring Pacific nations and, potentially, one of two other overseas countries.

Interstate deaf competition in Australia began with a friendly cricket match between South Australia and Victoria in 1895. The competition expanded to include tennis, table tennis, chess and draughts every two or three years in major capital cities in rotation. There was no official national organisation and the ‘carnivals’, as these competitions were called, were conducted on an ad hoc basis. At the end of World War II nearly all states were taking part in more than one sport at the ‘carnivals’. For more information, go to

Australia Deaf Games

Deaflympics – Deaflympics is an International Committee of Sports for the Deaf. The Summer and Winter Deaflympics are among the world’s fastest growing sports events. More than 4,000 deaf athletes and officials from 77 nations participated in the 21st Summer Deaflympics in Taipei, Chinese Taipei, in September 2009. Over 600 athletes and officials participated in the 16th Winter Deaflympics in Salt Lake City, United States in February 2007.

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