Training Program

Deaf Sports Awareness Training Program:

Deaf Sports Awareness Training (DSAT) is a part of DSRQ’s service to provide the awareness of Deaf culture in sport.

DSAT is for everyone who wants to know more about Deaf culture, sign language and communication strategies in sport.

DSRQ has provided this program to various organisation such as schools, sport clubs, state sporting organisations, coaches who are working with deaf and hearing impaired athletes.

What DSAT will benefit for you?

  • Better understanding of Deaf culture in sport;
  • Improved communication with deaf and hearing impaired athletes / students in sport;
  • Increased confidence communicating with deaf and hearing impaired athletes;
  • Better coaching techniques for deaf and hearing impaired athletes;
  • Better coaching will help to increase deaf athlete’s self esteem in sport;
  • Increased awareness of Deaf sport and outdoor recreation that are available in Queensland;

Who will benefit from this program?

  • Physical Educators;
  • Teacher of the Deaf;
  • Sport trainers;
  • Coaches;
  • Parents;
  • Deaf / hearing impaired athletes;
  • Friends of deaf athletes;
  • Sporting organisations;
  • Local sport clubs e.g. soccer, netball and swimming.

DSAT Booking:

If you or your organisationwant to book DSAT?

Please contact DSRQ Office to organise the trainer to visit your organisation or club on your preferred times for DSAT session.

DSRQ will provide the sign language interpreters for hearing participants who are not using Auslan (Australian Sign Language).

The interpreter cost will be included in the DSAT package.

The cost can be negotiable for non-profit organisations or community based organisations. Some sessions can be free depending on the agreement between DSRQ and state sporting organisation. Please contact us about it.

What included in DSAT?

  • Overview of DSRQ;
  • Brief history of Deaf sport in Queensland and Australia;
  • Communication Strategies for deaf athletes;
  • Demonstration of coaching techniques for deaf athletes;
  • Basic Sign Language Class (optional);
  • Auslan interpreter presented.

Basic Sign Language classes can be conducted separately on a different day. The classes can be conducted at your work or training venue for 1 or 2 hours on weekly or fortnightly for 8 weeks.

Auslan Classes will not have interpreter so you can learn more signs.


DSAT session – $300 per session that included the interpreter cost.

Auslan Classes – $200 per 8 weeks for organization (mini 5 – 8 staff) or $25 per session (1 hour only). Basic signs include both sport and general signs e.g. greeting, family, number and time.

DSRQ has a staff who is a qualified Auslan teacher. However, the Auslan course is community-based course not accredited. You will receive the certificate of attainment.

Contact: Julie Lyons – State Administrator