Classification is an assessment process that qualifies athletes with hearing loss to complete at certain events. The classification provides a fairer way to complete equally.

The same principle applies in able-bodied sports where athletes are classified according to age, gender or weight divisions to allow for a fair competition as possible.

For example, classifications of 55Db loss enable participant to represent Australia at an international level or Deaflympics. To be eligible to participate in interstate or Australian Deaf Games, one would need to have 40 Db loss.

Deaf Sports and Recreation Queensland is the only organisation in Queensland that organise hearing loss classification. All you need to do is to send us recent audiogram and we will ascertain the level of classification.

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The Athlete Eligibility Policy applies to all deaf and hard of hearing athletes who wish to participate in national and international sanctioned deaf sporting events.

International Deaf Sporting events such as the Deaflympics Games bring together deaf and hard of hearing athletes from around the globe.

Many athletes have varying levels of hearing losses and the International Sports Committee for the Deaf (ICSD) have established a criteria under the Audiogram Regulations for these deaf and hearing impaired athletes wishing to compete at sanctioned international deaf sporting events.

The ICSD Audiogram Regulations can be read or downloaded by clicking here.

As a result of the ICSD Eligibility criteria, Deaf Sports Australia developed the Athlete Eligibility Policy to provide and to ensure fair participation for all deaf and hard of hearing participants in ISCD, DSA sanctioned events and National Sporting Organisation controlled events.

Hearing Level Loss Eligibility
0 – 39 dB 3FAHL Not eligible to compete in DSA or ICSD approved events
40 – 54 dB 3FAHL Eligible to compete in DSA approved events( e.g. Australian Deaf Games, National Deaf Championships and School controlled events)  ***
55 dB or more 3FAHL Eligible to compete in AU1 events plus ICSD approved events(eg. Deaflympic Games, World Deaf Championships) and Australian National Sporting Organisation controlled events

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