Welcome to Deaf Netball Queensland Club!

We welcome you all to join us at our local and National Deaf Netball Club Champions every year and Australia Deaf Games every four years.

We are one of the oldest deaf sports club in Queensland. We were established in 1964 after the Australian Deaf Games were hosted in Melbourne.

We have so many competitions in past years. Last year in Australia Deaf Games were hosted in Melbourne in January 2012. We didn’t win but we had so much fun competitions with other states in Australia.

We had our Nationals at Sydney last year in September 2012, the ladies team almost come third but we came fourth in a great match against ACT (we played extra time because we were draw!! ACT won by one point).

Mens can also play netball and the mixed team played in Nationals at well and they came in third place.

The National Deaf Netball Club Champions is coming up in September 2013 at ACT ( Canberra), If you all keen to join the teams. Please contact us Via email on  dnqld@hotmail.com.

Next Australia Deaf Games will be held in Adelaide,2016 join the fun netball games and make new friends.

               Ladies Netball Nationals 2012














(Deaf Netball Nationals in Sydney 2012, Queensland ladies team. Credit to Shirley Liu for photography.)


                          ADG 2012
















(Well done ladies team from Australia Deaf Games in January 2012. Compliments of photography to Edan Chapman.)


                Mixed QLD Nationals 2012

















 (Congrats to Mixed team who came 3rd place in Nationals, Sydney 2012.)