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QLD Deaf Golf Team 2008



Queensland Deaf Golf Association is affilaited with Deaf Sports Recreation Qld and Deaf Golf Australia. Golf is one of the long running clubs in Queensland. Everyone are very welcome to join with us as a member so you can play golf socially and professionally. We have a very strong pathways to all levels in Deaf Golf comeptitons and championships e.g. state, national and international.

History of Deaf Golf in Queensland:

We have a history of our club how it started. Please see the full story on "About Us" The story about our club was wrote by Iain McGregor. He was mirgated to Australia early in 1960's and he helped to form our club as he has played golf in his homeland in Scotland. See the full story on "About Us".



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Golf Clinic for Deaf Youth Group

Youth Deaf Golf Clinic

We enjoyed showing the deaf young children including hearing children of deaf parents how to play golf at Corinda Golf course on 25th October, 2009.

Thank You!

Thank you Jennifer, Mark, Wendy, Graham, Kevin and Janelle helping to teach young children how to play golf. 

We wish to have more children coming. We will organise another one sometimes in 2010.

Hope to see more deaf children to try out Golf. It is really fun playing golf. Hope to see you next year! Please see Deaf Youth Group for activities for 2010.